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Open Bowling Hours - November through January.

Leagues may sometimes cancel and additional open bowling times do occur. Please call for availability.
Times are subject to change

Monday 11am-5pm
Tuesday 12pm-10pm (Limited Lanes after 5pm)
Wednesday 1pm-4pm
Thursday 12pm-5pm
Friday 12:30pm-5pm
Saturday 12pm-4:30pm
Sunday 12pm-10pm (Limited Lanes after 5pm)
All times are subject to change

Shoe Rental

$ 4.75

  • Shoes for Bowling
  • Per Person
  • Bowling Shoes are required

Open Bowling, Adults

$ 5.75

  • Per Person
  • Per Game

Open Bowling, Juniors|Seniors

$ 4.75

  • Per Person(Kid)
  • Per Game

Bowling Green Lakes is EPIC!